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I was born June 17, 1991. I grew up in a quiet neighborhood in Sparks, Nevada until I was 9 years old. At that time, my family moved to a golf course community further in the suburbs of Sparks. I spent my teenage years at that house in Wingfield Springs. When I went into high school, I did not continue in the local public school system that I had been a product of through 8th grade. Instead, I attended a private Catholic high school across town. Bishop Manogue Catholic High School was easily the best gift my parents could have ever given me at that time. They went through hell and back to keep me there throughout all four years and I could not have been happier to graduate from Manogue in June 2009.

I knew I was going to stay in Reno for college and attended the University of Nevada, Reno that fall. I was fortunate enough to have parents that planned ahead and they had been saving up for a pre-paid tuition program since I started Kindergarten. My undergrad tuition was the second best gift my parents had given me until then. I was determined to make the college experience everything I had heard it to be. Since I lived at home with my parents my freshman year and missed out on the socializing that came with living on campus and in the dorms, I decided to pledge a sorority at the start of my sophomore year. The three years I spent with those women and the way I came to know myself during that time was priceless and I could have stayed to make my time in the house the four years that most others were allowed. However, I was determined to make my college experience last only four years and finally settled on a major in Psychology and minor in Human Development and Family Studies my junior year. I walked across the stage in May 2013 and stepped off that platform and right into adulthood.

I held a minimum of two jobs at a time throughout my college years, and balanced three for most of it. I was used to having a packed schedule between classes, sorority commitments and multiple jobs, usually all within a single day. I was fortunate to have financial backing from my parents’ forward thinking and planning, but I am stubborn and have always worked hard to live the lifestyle I have wanted to provide for myself. That work ethic did not end when I graduated and I continued to work multiple jobs until finding a full time position as an Administrative Assistant at my alma mater.

During this full time position, I applied for and was accepted to the graduate program at the Reynolds School of Journalism. I have always had a passion for writing and was thankful to be taking a step in a new direction. I felt blessed to be able to focus my attention on a completely new career path and began my graduate studies in the Fall 2014 semester. I am focusing on a prospective career in Public Relations and in the Spring 2015 semester, I completed an internship at a local firm. I am now awaiting the final year of my graduate program and looking forward to the many opportunities of the coming academic year and beyond. I  plan to walk across the stage again in May 2016, and with my MA in hand, begin the next chapter of my life.